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Social media, 24-hour news coverage, and any information only a click away... The constant noise and information overload can come between us and God. This podcast is to get us focused on living for Christ in a modern world, examine the Christian response to modern problems, and disciple our fellow believers.

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The Impact of One

Monday Oct 31, 2022

Monday Oct 31, 2022

Are you willing to be a "one"? The Bible is full of people who stand up and speak out for what is right even if they are greatly opposed. An example of this is Joshua and Caleb in Numbers 13-14. In this episode, Nick discusses this story and why it is impactful for us as Christians to be a "one".
Joshua and Caleb were among 12 spied sent into the promised land, the land of Canaan. When the twelve returned, they told all of the beauty and splendor of the land God had promised. 10 of the 12 said there were giants and great people in the land they could not overcome and that the entire nation of people should just give up on the hopes of taking the land. Only Joshua and Caleb, the remaining two spies, spoke up saying the people could take it and God would help them!
God makes promises, He will provide and take care of us as His children. How often do we get discouraged and give up on what God has promised? Sadly it happens too often. Will you be a "one" like Joshua and Caleb to stand and call out to everyone who is negative and stand for God, His truth, and His promises? The world needs more Joshua and Calebs in our Modern World.
Tune in to this episode to hear Nick discuss this story!#ModernChristian #OneCanMakeADifference #BoldChristians

Monday Oct 17, 2022

Have you heard of Stoicism? It's mentioned in the book of Acts and Paul had to debate with philosophers that followed this teaching. Nick believes it is once again coming into popularity and is entering the church. Why should we be concerned? Because it makes Christian's passive and not intent on taking things to God in prayer!
Being a Stoic is the idea of not being effected by things outside of your control. Experiencing pain, suffering, or disappointment? Just brush it off and remain positive! As you can see, that is clearly not what the Bible teaches. While yes, God is sovereign and we must trust His will; nowhere in scripture are we taught to become aloof to our difficulties or concerns and not to take them to God in prayer.
The doctrine of God being fully sovereign and Christians just sit back, and whatever happens just happens is a horrible idea. It neglects the relationship of man towards God. We rely on Him in pain, hurt, disappointment. Calvinistic teaching taken to an extreme of God being in control and man having no role or impact whatsoever diminishes the relationship that God established through Christ.
Do you agree? Is Stoicism a problem for the church? Is it perfectly acceptable to be a Stoic?
#Stocism #ModernChristian #ChristianPodcast #ChristianStoic

Monday Oct 03, 2022

In this episode, Nick discusses several things that he believes are important for modern Christians and the modern church. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are just five important things that the church should be doing for its church members. Do you have any ideas about what they are?
1. Equipping - the training/teaching of the believers. How do we evangelize? How do we share our testimony/story with others? How do we disciple someone? How do we get involved and participate in specific ministries? All of this goes into the category of equipping.
2. Discipleship - while Nick has discussed this in detail in two prior episodes, he reiterates the importance of teaching other believers and growing together as fellow disciples of God. Discipleship is closely related to equipping and should be an important element to the modern church.
3. Encouragement - Ever had a bad day? We all have. Encouragement of the believers is important. We all need to be encouraged and likewise all need to be encouraging one another. Christians are not in a rivalry or at odds against each other, we are fellow believers and a support system for one another.
4. Accountability - This one is something none of us want to do, we don't like to be accountable. However, it strengthens us, helps us grow and be more for Christ! We need to find those we can be accountable to and with to grow and heal from past struggles.
5. Empathy - In our technological age we are very cold and desensitized to the needs and feelings of others. Brining empathy back into the church among believers is important. We must all be in this life, world, and faith journey together. Hurt with each other, celebrate with each other, and support one another.
Tune in to this week's episode to hear Nick discuss these 5 elements that a modern church needs to strengthen it's congregation.
#accountability #discipleship #christianpodcast #modernchristians

Monday Sep 26, 2022

Do you know what the most important thing a Christian has is? It isn't money, possessions, a house, the church building, or anything like that. While our personal relationship with Christ is the most important thing we have, Nick discusses the most important resource in the Christian's life. Time.
Nick, in this episode, discusses how time is finite, we only have so much, and we must be good stewards of that time that God has given to us! We need time to work, spend time with family, pray, attend church, read our Bible, and do anything else. It all costs us time.
Do you spend your time wisely? Most of us fall short in that area, and Nick admits he is guilty of the same. Check out this episode of the Modern Age Christian Podcast to hear Nick discuss time management as a Christian and why time is our most precious resource.
#timemanagement #christianpodcast #timewasters

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

Searching for the right person to marry? Maybe you've already found them... In this episode, Nick discusses 5 things to look for in the right person you should marry.
Finding a potential spouse is a daunting task. It is full of ups and downs, fears, doubts, worry, and sometimes questioning "God, is there even anyone out there for me?". If you are praying and searching, keep trusting that God has someone for you and look for the things Nick discusses that will tie your hearts together.
God needs to be and should always be first in any couple's relationship. If that is first, spiritual health and communication are all keys to a successful relationship. Dating, marriage, or having your partner in life is more than just finding someone to live with and feeling something emotional. It is two people, joined together in a way that is honoring to God. Making sure both of these people have their hearts and minds set on the right thinking will prove vital to their relationship's success.
#marriage #Christiandating #ChristianPodcast

Monday Sep 05, 2022

Ever have that feeling that you are insignificant or unimportant? That God can't use you in some way? Maybe you are struggling with self-doubts that you aren't good enough for God. You may not be the preacher, singer, musician, Sunday school teacher, or small group leader; if you're not any of those, do you still have a ministry? Simply put, yes. You are important to God's kingdom!
In this episode Nick discusses the feelings of doubt, questioning what you can do and how there are so many things Christians do in their day-to-day lives that impact others. From Encouragement, prayer, being a friend, witnessing, being faithful to church, and faithful to the things of God. All of those are important things that modern Christians can do!
Did you know that it has been said that 7 in 10 adults in the United States suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Or feelings of doubt and negativity about themselves and their ability? Fear that they will be found out as a fraud because they don't believe they know as much as people think or are as capable as people think? It is a serious problem and it's crept into the church. Christians suffer doubts, fears, and face struggles. We have to remember that we are followers of Christ! He gives us strength!
We need to get our eyes focused on Jesus and realize, He saw value in us to save us. He loves us and wants what is best for us. He will give us opportunities to serve, worship, and minister if we are willing to do so.
Tune in for this episode of the Modern Age Christian Podcast on your favorite podcast platform!
#ModernChristian #ChristianPodcast #ImposterSyndrome #ChristianMinistry

5 Idols of the Modern Church

Monday Aug 29, 2022

Monday Aug 29, 2022

Do we still worship idols today? Absolutely. In this episode, Nick discusses what the 5 most common idols are to the modern Christians of today. Instead of having false gods, statues, and other entities than our one true God; we now have many other things that take His place in our lives. Many of these modern false idols are subtle and we don't even realize we are worshipping them!
We often hear misquoted that "Money is the root of all evil" when in reality that is false. The Bible says "The love of money" is. Money is an idol, especially in wealthy countries like the United States that can become a false idol. We crave working more, becoming rich, and living in a mansion but at the cost of our time and commitment to God. Some people allow this love to take place over God and church in their lives.
Technology in our day is common throughout life. It can be a great blessing but can turn into an idol if we are not careful. Binge watching Netflix or playing video games for hours at a time when neglecting your Bible and prayer time? That is an idol in your life.
Other idols can include fame, status, success, possessions, and affiliation. Affiliation we see more in our modern church and is growing into a major divide! What denomination, what music style to do prefer, what church leader do we study after, what political party are we with and the list goes on.Tune in to hear Nick's discussion of the 5 idols of the modern church!
#ModernChristian #Idols #ChristianPodcast #GodFirst

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Have you heard of the instant gratification society? Generation? Culture? What about the church? Yes, they have issues with instant gratification too! So often people deny a greater future reward for immediate pleasure or benefit. Nick discusses how this impacts the church.
Nick discusses the origins of the term 'instant gratification and how it is directly related to church activities now. From focusing on attendance, tithes/offerings, to worship; all of which can be taken over by an instant gratification mindset.
From worship to expecting God to answer or work immediately Christians have let the instant gratification mindset into the church. There is the thought of working up worship or convincing people to respond or act in service instead of letting God work. 
Sometimes we have to wait on God to move, wait on Him to get responses from people, and wait on His timing. It often isn't easy but the rewards from waiting on God will far exceed what people can stir up.
#instantgratification #Christianpodcast #ModernChristian #nowvslater

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

A problem for modern Christians, young adults, college students, or maybe those still searching for God's match for them. Dating Apps come to the rescue! Or do they? Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Christian Mingle, Match, and the list goes on are all out there and claim to help you find your perfect match. Are Dating Apps biblical and should Christians be using them?
In this Episode, Nick considers that thought. Nick discusses four key elements to examine if dating apps are biblical or not.
1. Is it prohibited by the Bible? 2. Is it harmful to our psychology? 3. It is harmful or hurtful in any way? 4. It is unkind to another person? If these apps cause harm, take us away from God, or are used simply to make us feel good instead of searching for God's life partner for us; then they are something we likely should avoid.
Check out this week's episode and hear Nick's thoughts on how Christians should approach dating apps!
#ModernChristian #christianpodcast #christiandating

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Have you ever seen someone post "Thoughts and prayers" on social media? Maybe you have. Have you ever considered what that means and what you are promising to do?
The phrase "Thoughts and prayers" is tossed around so casually without taking respect to the power of prayer, and often it is not even said by anyone who will actually pray for whatever situation has come up. It has become a catchphrase that is nice to say but holds little to no weight in most situations.
In this episode, Nick challenges the podcast listeners to follow through when they say they are praying for something or someone. Be sincere and consider people's needs or tragic situations before God in prayer. Thinking about prayer does not good for anyone. Taking the time and taking a situation to God will make the difference.
Nick discusses how we need to stop using "Thoughts and prayers," and just simply get on our knees and pray to God.#thoughtsandprayers #prayer #ChristianPodcast #ModernChristian #powerinprayer

Nick Dyson

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