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Social media, 24-hour news coverage, and any information only a click away... The constant noise and information overload can come between us and God. This podcast is to get us focused on living for Christ in a modern world, examine the Christian response to modern problems, and disciple our fellow believers.

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2 days ago

If you've been anywhere on social media or watching the news, then you know the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the ruling in Roe V. Wade this past week. This is a monumental decision by the Supreme Court and has major implications on states, government, elections, but also the modern church. Where does the church go from here? Do they sit back and celebrate their victory? Do we turn our focus and attention to a new issue? Nick in this episode argues that neither is the answer. Roe v. Wade may have been overturned but it presents challenges for some, people are angry, and some disagree with the decision. Who can come in with help, love, encouragement, and support? The church. The church in these modern times more than ever needs to go back to the roots of the early church and support those who are in need. Poverty, hunger, adoption, child care, and child supplies are all going to be more in need than ever. The church is in a prime position to show people that it wasn't just all talk. That the church is ready to step up and be leaders and ensure people have the assistance to raise their children and also to be a witness of the love of Christ. The church is needed in our modern society. To show love, compassion, care, and to give to those in need. Paul describes in Romans how we are to love and any action without love is in vain. If the church supported overturning Roe v. Wade without the intention of showing love and support to those who have the other viewpoint, then we need to check up and examine our hearts to ensure we are showing love!   #SCOTUS #RoeVWade #Adoption #LoveOfChrist #ModernChurch 

5 days ago

Hearing a lot of chatter about an economic #recession? It seems to be one of the hot topics and common points of fear for many people, including Christians! Nick in this episode briefly describes what a recession really is, are they uncommon, and how the modern Church can help each other through difficult times like the early church did.   We often forget that the early church did not have buildings, bills, or any set expenses typically. Instead, the offerings they took up went towards helping those in need within their group or possibly helping a missionary on their way. Nick discusses in this episode some practical ways to help people in your church that may be impacted during a recession. Recessions can hit everyone. They can be severe or very mild. We do not know what to expect in the future but we can truth that God will bring us through and provide for us in what we need. Will you trust God if the economy goes sour? Or will you only trust Him during the good times? We all have to make the decision to truth God despite things around us looking bleak. Nick encourages you to not buy into fear mongering, but instead, rely on God for provision!     #ChristianPodcast #ModernChristian #TithesAndOfferings #ChurchEconomics

Monday Jun 20, 2022

Are you connected to a local church? Many people no longer see it as important or think a church is relevant. Are they right? In this episode, Nick discusses the reasons people are leaving the church and why it is still important to be connected to a local church.   People may leave a church for a number of reasons from being upset or offended, to just falling out of the habit and not making it a priority. Nick discusses the article by Lifeway 10 Reasons People Are Leaving Your Church and why Lifeway found people are no longer attending a church. Nick also discusses the reasons that it is important to stay connected to a church. One of the most important reasons we need to remain connected to a church is that we limit our potential in growing for Christ! We limit our growth, our learning, our fellowship, our connections, our accountability, and more by not being part of a local church! This can cause a Christian's faith to waiver under pressure when they don't have a support system of a church to fall back on. Tune in to this episode of the Modern Age Christian Podcast and hear Nick discuss this topic. Please subscribe and like the podcast to stay connected as more episodes are posted every Monday!#ChristianPodcast #Podcastshow #ModernChristian #LocalChurch

Monday Jun 13, 2022

The question of "Why do bad things happen to good people?" comes up often in philosophical debates. Why does God allow Christians to experience hurt, disappointment, pain, and other types of suffering? In this episode, Nick discusses 3 ways that God can use suffering to bring good or for His purposes. God can bring great lessons, blessings, and testimonies through the trials of life. The Christian's response to these struggles and difficulties can give demonstrate God's providence and blessings in helping His children through their struggles. Nick in this episode compares the struggles of Paul, Joseph, and a blind man healed by Jesus as examples of how God can work through our struggles in life. Do you trust God in the middle of your suffering? Do you pray and ask Him for His will to be done in it? God may be working in a significant way but we cannot see it yet. God may be teaching us something and we are learning. God may be working His plan and we have to trust Him even when it isn't easy. Join Nick in this Episode to explore these thoughts in Episode 10 of the Modern Age Christian Podcast!   #ChristianPodcast #Podcastshow #ModernChristian

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Determining what we are called to do or what God desires us to pursue can be a daunting task! From what career or vocation to pursue, what school to attend, and many other major life decisions. While God may not specific give you a sign that says to go to a specific school or to become a certain vocation, we can take practical steps to determine the natural gifts and abilities God has given to us. Nick discusses steps to determine the natural gifts and abilities God gives to each of us. Once we understand or discover those gifts, we can then narrow down the calling God has placed on our life. It is not always obvious, God can reveal it to us in many ways. Nick discusses the most general ways to get you started on the path. It is important we use the gifts God has given us and are fulfilled in life. Are you miserable in your job? Miserable thinking about your degree? Are you sure it is what you should be pursuing? If we are doing what we love and know that it is God's calling on our life it will not feel like work. It could be your job while not ideal is the means to allow you to perform ministry activities. God can give you peace or contentment in that position to allow you to fulfill your calling in ministry. Examine your skills, pray and seek God's help, ask friends for advice, and evaluate what you know or have been told. Using those simple steps you can start to determine what your calling is, from there we all have to find how to use them in the right way to honor God.   #ChristianPodcast #ModernAgeChristian #FindingYourWhy #FindingYourCalling

Monday Mar 21, 2022

The church often struggles with internal division. From denominations, affiliations, order of service, ministries, and the list goes on. Church members can be divided among themselves. Where does this division come from? It actually is not a new problem! It has existed for centuries and Paul dealt with it almost 2,000 years ago!   In 1 Corinthians chapter 1, Paul dealt with division over baptism. Paul has to remind the church at Corinth that the gospel and cause of Christ is not about who baptizes someone or who you affiliate with. It is about Christ and Christ alone. Nick uses this scripture, gives modern examples and comparisons to what Paul is describing. This issue of division was not limited to only a certain group. It was Jews, Greeks, and Christians that all struggled with divisions but in different ways. Some of those ways people are divided have not changed. How do we overcome this division? We have to get our eyes back on Jesus. Focusing on him, the plan of salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ should be our primary focus! Falling in love with Jesus and what He has done for us should be our focus. Tune in to this episode to hear Nick discuss Christian Division and Paul's addressing of this from 1 Corinthians.

Monday Mar 14, 2022

I’m this episode Nick looks at the benefits and potential risk of social media use for the Modern Christian. Social media has become a large part of our every day Lives and between 2019-2020 the average time spent on social media was over 2 hours a day by the American public! How much time are we spending on social media? Is it healthy for us or is it risky? Is social media evil or wrong for Christians to use or is it a great witnessing and encouragement tool? Nick is back to answer these questions after being sick and is ready to look at the topic of the Modern Age Christian and social media.

Monday Feb 21, 2022

In Part 2 of What is Discipleship, Nick looks at how the topic of Discipleship is important to the modern Christian. It is more than just a trendy buzzword, it is a lifestyle of living for Christ and growing in Christ. Nick addresses four (4) unique elements that impact a person's discipleship. From the previous episode, Nick reminds everyone how Discipleship is about a relationship and it all starts there. From there discipleship continues and grows through (1) Prayer, (2) Reading and studying God's word, (3) Teaching and Preaching, (4) other relationships and accountability. Our communication with God, to God, and hearing from Him are vital to the everyday Christian life. Reading and studying the Bible while also having an active prayer life keeps that line of communication open! Teaching and Preaching help edify the church and build them up. Relationships and accountability help Christians share their faith and be accountable in their walk with Christ. Do you have a relationship with Christ? Do you read and study your Bible? Are you sharing your faith with others or have an accountability partner? What can you do to be discipled better or to help disciple others?A statistic about Discipleship shared at the end of the episode. If you add 20 people per year to the church for 20 years. You add 20,000 people to the church. If you disciple 1 person per year, then they go on to disciple 1 per year, and that cycle continues. over 1 million, yes, 1,000,000, people would be discipled in 20 years.

Monday Feb 14, 2022

What is Discipleship really? It has turned into a Christian buzzword. Every church is saying we need to train people in discipleship and it is the greatest need of the modern Church, but what is it? What did Jesus say about it? How do we become disciples and grow our relationship with Christ?   Nick addresses the concern with using this term as just a buzzword like a hashtag on social media. It has become trendy and commonplace to throw the term discipleship around without really a good explanation or description of what the term means. Spoiler alert! It is much deeper than the dictionary definition! Tune in to Part 1 of What Is Discipleship to learn more about this term and what it is.   Part 2 coming 2/21 will address in more detail how this is impactful to our modern society and why it is important to use and disciple others. Stay tuned and join Nick again next week for part 2!

Monday Feb 07, 2022

In this episode, Nick contrasts the two extremes of a "Health and Wealth" vs. "Poor and Content" mindset in our approach to God and prayers. Should Christians pray for wealth and expect God to answer those prayers? Or the other extreme is to just let God give us whatever and not ask Him for anything. Is either of those a correct mindset or does the truth lay somewhere in the middle? Nick explores how we can take our needs to God, ask Him to supply our needs as long as they are in line with God's will for our lives. What God will provide to us will be according to our needs and provided in a way that God will be honored in that provision. So many hold the view Christian success and wealth are a sign of God's love or provision, but scripture teaches He gives us according to our need. Do you trust God with your needs? Do you want more than what He has given? Have you prayed about God providing more if it be His will? Asking God is not the issue. Craving more and it taking priority can be an issue.

Nick Dyson

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